Grow Your Client Base: Pressing For Success

August 2000

Pressing for Success
By Jeffery D. Zbar

Name: Jeff Fisher
Company: Jeff Fisher LogoMotives
Location: Portland, Ore.
Occupation: Graphic designer

When he's not leading an online chat on graphic design, Jeff Fisher, president of Jeff Fisher LogoMotives in Portland, Ore., is writing news releases about his newest account or industry award, a client's completed project, or the latest book in which his work has been featured.

Business development starts when Fisher completes a client's project. Because up to 80 percent of his work comes from referrals, Fisher keeps in touch with past clients through e-mail notices and press releases. This not only results in referrals, but also keeps Fisher in mind for new work. One client has been with five companies during the course of an 18-year business relationship with Fisher, and has used Fisher at each.

Getting Creative Using a Power Mac clone in his office and a Macintosh Powerbook when he travels, Fisher opens up one of three press release templates, each with his "Toot! Toot!" heading and a LogoMotives steam-engine-inspired logo. He customizes the release in Microsoft Word, and attaches sample art files in GIF or JPEG format from Macromedia FreeHand into outbound e-mails. Fisher also maintains two list groups: one for publications and editors, and another for designers, clients, friends, and business associates. He imports the release, art, and lists to Outlook Express for distribution.His Web site ( ) has replaced costly four-color brochures, and he prints press releases on a laser printer. This has been a boon to business: Roughly 40 percent of his new work is with clients who have read about him. Another 30 percent are those who were reminded about him by an article.

"It doesn't take a lot of time or energy, and the results have been astounding. Once I began using the 'Toot! Toot!', I began to get even more press exposure." From his home office, Fisher serves clients throughout the United States and Europe; his work has won over 200 design honors, including a nod from the Central Oregon Ad Club for a holiday card design and a certificate of excellence from PRINT magazine for a logo design.

"I no longer do any traditional print advertising. That budget goes to pay entry fees in design competitions around the world," Fisher says. "Many clients have come my way after viewing my work in design annuals or books on design."

Finally, Fisher has turned the Internet into his own professional directory. He's listed as a resource on,, and He's involved in online graphic design forums, including, and The directory and chats have resulted in new clients and authors seeking Fisher's content for books, he says.

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