2011 Articles about Jeff Fisher LogoMotives

Articles, mentions of Jeff Fisher and sightings of Jeff Fisher LogoMotives designs online and in print:

Homes & Gardens Northwest Photo Contest 2011 [Honorable Mention], The Oregonian Homes & Gardens (December 2011)

The Designer's Guide to Blogging, by Richard Baird, The Designer's Survival Guide (November 2011)

Logo Design Awards 2011: Graphic Designer of the Year, Famous Logos (November 2011)

I ditched my big bank!, by Charles Riley, CNN Money (October 2011)

Find Logo Thieves with Google's Image Search, by Terri Stone, CreativePro.com (October 2011)

Logo Garden’s bitter harvest, by Steve Douglas, The Logo! Factor (August 2011)

Grand Theft Logo, by Judith Mayer, Northwest Indiana Creative (August 2011)

Logo Garden Sells Logos It Doesn’t Own, by Armin Vit, Brand New (August 2011)

Chuck Green's Design Likes, by Chuck Green, ideabook.com (July 2011)

Logo Design: Trains, by Paulo Gabriel, Abduzeedo.com (July 2011)

Secrets of Success with Jeff Fisher LogoMotives, by Carlos Castellanos, Drawn By Success (July 2011)

30th Anniversary Issue: In Their Words, Media.Inc Magazine (June 2011)

Is Freelancer a Negative Term?, by Ilise Benun, Creative Freelancer (June 2011)

It's Spring! (Somewhere), by Ellen Shapiro, Dig It! (February 2011)

Learning to Love (or Survive) Speaking Events, by Debbie Swanson, FreelanceSwitch (February 2011)

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