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Client: WhatNots
Location: Ogden, UT USA

The identity for an antique and collectibles seller. The design is featured in The Big Book of Logos 3 (HBI, USA, 2002).

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Robinwood Center
Client: Robinwood Center
Location: West Linn, OR USA

In 1981, fresh out of college, I was hired to create the logo for the Robinwood Center retail mall. The image was created on illustration board with a rapidiograph pen.

For The Birds
Client: For The Birds
Location: Portland, OR USA

For The Birds was created for a friend who was planning on opening a bird house store. The logo is featured in the books New Logo & Trademark Design (P.I.E. Books, Japan, 1998), Bullet-Proof Logos (HBI, USA, 2000), The New Big Book of Logos (HBI, USA, 2000) and Logo & Trademark Collection (P.I.E. Books, Japan, 2004),.

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Walk Your Talk
Client: Walk Your Talk
Location: Silver Springs, MD USA

This icon was created for Walk Your Talk, an urban sportswear company that projects a positive message with their products. The design has been featured in the books Logos from North to South America (Index Book, Spain, 2005), Logos Cafe (Page One, Singapore, 2005), Fashion Identity (Index Book, Spain, 2007) and Logos from North to South America (Paper-mini, Index Book, Spain, 2007).

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