Event Logos

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Portland Iron Chef
Client: Children's Relief Nursery
Location: Portland USA

This identity represents an anuual fund-raising event of the Children's Relief Nursery, an organization battling abuse and neglect in children birth through three by partnering with caregivers committed to strengthening their families. The culinary competition, based loosely on the Iron Chef television show, features well-known chefs from local restaurants.

triangle productions! 14th anniversary
Client: triangle productions!
Location: Portland, OR USA

Stylized images of the traditional drama and comedy masks make an appearance in this anniversary logo of a theatre company. I have mixed feelings about the fact that most people see either the "14" or the two masks of tragedy and comedy in the logo - but not both design elements. The few that do "get it" have an "aha!" moment that is very gratifying to me. It is one of my personal logo design favorites. The image is featured in the book 100's Visual Logos and Letterheads.

The Spring Showcase Art & Gift Sale
Client: The Philoptochos of the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church
Location: Portland, OR USA

This image, for a church fund-raising event, was designed taking a one-color print requirement into consideration. The logo is featured in The Big Book of Logos 5.

Coffee Cares
Client: Our House of Portland
Location: Portland, OR USA

This pro-bono effort was for an event of baristas, bakeries and bistros raising funds for local AIDS organizations. An AIDS ribbon is formed by the steam over the coffee cup in the design. The logo appears in the books Restaurant Graphics 2, Typography and Blue is Hot,Red is Cool: Choosing the Right Color for Your Logo.

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