Creative Services Logos

Client: Jeff Fisher LogoMotives
Location: Portland, OR USA

Being my own worst client, creating my own logo was a ten-year process. The identity is featured in Letterhead and Logo Design 5 (Rockport Publishers, USA, 1998), American Corporate Identity/14 (Hearst Books International, USA, 1998), New Logo & Trademark Design (P.I.E. Books, Japan -1998), the 1998 PRINT Regional Design Annual, The New Big Book of Logos (HBI, USA, 2000), PRINT’s Best Logos & Symbols 6 (RC Publications, USA, 2000), Logo Design for Small Business 2 (Signcraft, USA, 2004), New Logo & Trademark Collection (P.I.E. Books, Japan, 2004), The Big Book of Business Cards (Harper Design, USA, 2005), Logos from North to South America (Index Book, Spain, 2005), Logos Cafe (Page One, Singapore 2005), Logos from North to South America (Paper-mini, Index Book, Spain, 2005), Big Book of Business Cards (Paper, Collins Design, USA, 2008), Meishi - Little Graphic Art Gallery Of The World (International Creators Organisation, Japan 2009), Letterhead and Business Cards (Zeixs, Germany 2009), American Graphic Design & Advertising 25 (Collins Design, USA 2010), Type Rules: The Designer's Guide to Professional Typography (Wiley, Third Edition, USA, 2010), 2011 Artist's and Graphic Designer's Market (Writers Digest Books, USA, 2010), Logo Nest 03 - B&W Edition (Logo Nest, Serbia, 2014) and my own book The Savvy Designer’s Guide to Success (HOW Design Books, USA, 2004).

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NoBox Design
Client: NoBox Design
Location: Portland, OR USA

This interior design company logo features a Donghia-like chair image and a "B" representing the client's first name, on a stylized blanket element. The logo was also created in a version without gradients for ease in reproduction in some applications. The NoBox Design logo was recognized with a 2006 American Corporate Identity Award and appears in The Big Book of Logos 5.

Twisted Elegance Interactive
Client: Twisted Elegance Interactive
Location: Seattle, WA USA

A very simple, artistic type treatment successfully conveyed the name of this company. The design was recognized in the P22 Font Foundry Font In Use competition, and appears in the books American Corporate Identity 2007 and The Big Book of Logos 5.

Client: DesignEire
Location: Dublin, Ireland

DesignEire was a web development company located in Dublin, Ireland. The design won a Summit Creative Award (Silver) and appears in the books The Big Book of Logos 3, New Logo World (Japan), Graphically Speaking, Global Corporate Identity, and Logo Design for Small Business 2. It was also critiqued by the UK newspaper The Sunday Times.

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