Business Logos

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Diane Tutch
Client: Diane Tutch
Location: Portland, OR USA

An organizational chart becomes a letterform in the identity of management consultant Diane Tutch. The logo appears in the books Bullet-Proof Logos, The New Big Book of Logos and New Logo & Trademark Design (Japan).

Fritz Creek Gardens
Client: Fritz Creek Gardens
Location: Horner, AK USA

The owner's stories and photos of moose visiting her nursery gardens led to the graphic representation of the creature smelling the flowers. The Fritz Creek identity appears in the books The New Big Book of Logos and Blue is Hot, Red is Cool.

New England Firewood Company
Client: New England Firewood Company
Location: Lancaster, MA USA

A New England cabin, with smoke rising from the chimney is the centerpiece for this logo used to market and promote a company selling pre-packaged firewood to retailers, bed and breakfast establishments, and others. The design is featured in The Big Book of Logos 3, American Corporate Identity 2003, and Logos from North to South America (Spain).

Big Daddy Marketing Specialties
Client: Big Daddy Marketing Specialties
Location: Lake Oswego, OR USA

The imposing physical presence of the business owner is graphically represented in this logo for a marketing specialties firm. The logo is featured in the book Logos from North to South America (Spain).

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