Business Logos

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Salem Clinic
Client: Salem Clinic
Location: Salem Clinic USA

Salem Clinic was founded in 1925 by a group of three physicians. I created the facility's new identity in 1995, entwining the "S" and "C" letterforms within a traditional medical cross graphic.

Cooper & Associates
Client: Brad Cooper & Associates, Inc.
Location: Littleton, CO USA

A microphone image is the centerpiece of the identity for inspiration speaker Brad Cooper. Cooper is also an award-winning author, national columnist, Certified Myers-Briggs Facilitator, IRONMAN World Championship and repeat All-American Triathlete. The logo has appeared in The Big Book of Logos 3, American Corporate Identity 2003 and Graphically Speaking.

Client: Archinetix, Inc.
Location: Portland, OR USA

Archinetix provides infrastructure and network consulting for a wide variety of entities. In some applications of the logo the cube element of the "a" letterform rotates. The identity appears in the books American Corporate Identity 2001 and Logo World (Japan).

Co-Motion Cycles
Client: Co-Motion Cycles
Location: Eugene, OR USA

Co-Motion Cycles designs and produces handmade tandem, road bike, travel and touring bicycles. The identity, designed in association with Creative Director Jerril Nilson, is featured in the book Logo World (Japan).

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