Education Logos

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Valley Catholic High School
Client: Valley Catholic High School
Location: Beaverton, OR USA

I designed this logo back in the late 1980's. I recently came across all the rough concepts in a box of files and wrote about the process of redesigning the logo at bLog-oMotives.

Frame the Future - Buckman Arts Magnet
Client: Buckman Elementary School
Location: Portland, OR USA

A logo designed for the annual Buckman School Auction was given a new life in identifying the school as an arts magnet program. The logo appears in the book The Big Book of Logos 4.

Reading is Number 1
Client: James John School
Location: Portland, OR USA

One of several logos designed for James John School, this identity represents the schools reading program for elementary students. It is showcased in the book Logos from North to South America (Spain).

Buckman School
Client: Buckman School.
Location: Portland, OR USA

Buckman School is an arts magnet elementary school in the Portland Public School system. The logo, symbolizing students "reaching for the stars" in arts achievement, is featured in The Big Book of Logos.

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