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TraveLady Media
Client: TraveLady Media
Location: Portland, OR USA

In updating an existing graphic the travel bag of the image became a television for a company promoting media for women who travel. The design was honored with a 2003 American Graphic Design Award, and is featured in the books Logo Design for Small Business 2 (Signcraft, USA, 2004) and 100's Visual Logos and Letterheads (Angela Patchell Books, UK, 2008).

Janet Loughrey Horticulture Photography
Client: Janet Loughrey
Location: Portland, OR USA

Logo for a photographer specializing in horticulture photography. The logo appears in The New Big Book of Logos, and the Japanese volumes New Logo & Trademark Design and New Logo & Trademark Collection.

Good Pig, Bad Pig
Client: Good Pig, Bad Pig
Location: Portland, OR USA

Owner Brett Bigham provided the illustration for his greeting card company identity. The logo appears in the books Really Good Logos, Explained, 100's Visual Logos and Letterheads and Logos from North to South America (Spain).

Bella Terra Landscape Designs
Client: Bella Terra Landscape Designs
Location: Portland, OR USA

The client desired a rustic, earthy identity conveying an image of the Italian countryside. The logo will appear in The Big Book of Logos 5.

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