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KidStuff PR
Client: KidStuff Public Relations
Location: Black Earth, WI USA

KidStuff PR is a public relations firm dealing with toy stores, toy manufacturers and performers for children. The design won a Summit Creative Award (Bronze) and appears in the books American Corporate Identity 16, The New Big Book of Logos, New Logo World (Japan), Graphically Speaking, and Logo Design for Small Business 2.

Al Bauer Advertising
Client: Al Bauer Advertising
Location: Portland, OR USA

In 1980, my first year out of college, ad agency owner Al Bauer asked me to design an abstract icon to identify his firm. Early in the process he selected this design - which most likely evolved out of my interest in the minimalist logo imagery I studied in school during the 1970's - thinking it represented how advertising was orderly until something went completely out of whack. About a week later he realized it was very abstract lower-case a and b letterforms.

American Telecom
Client: American Telecom
Location: Portland, OR USA

This logo re-design, executed in 1997, appears in the books The New Big Book of Logos (HBI, USA, 2000), New Logo: Two (Page One Publishing, Singapore, 2004) and The New Big Book of Logos (Paper, Harper Design, USA, 2003). The design was also honored with an American Corporate Identity award and, as a result, was featured in the volume American Corporate Identity ‘99 (HBI, USA, 1998).

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Client: WordWright
Location: Portland, OR/Seattle WA USA

The logo for a technical, business and grant writer appears, in its various forms, in the books New Logo & Trademark Design (Japan), Logo and Trademark Collection (Japan), Print's Regional Design Annual, the Japanese book Logo World, Letterhead and Logo Design 7, Logo Design for Small Business 2, The Big Book of Logos 3, and the Spanish book Logos: From North to South America.

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