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Black Dog Furniture Design
Client: Black Dog Furniture Design
Location: Portland, OR USA

Brett Bigham, the designer of new furniture from recycled parts, had his own drawing of his dog incorporated into the logo for the business. The logo was honored with a 2002 American Graphic Design Award. It also is represented in the The New Big Book of Logos (HBI, USA, 2000), Letterhead and Logo Design 7 (Rockport Publishers, USA, 2001), Graphically Speaking (HOW Design Books, USA, 2002), American Corporate Identity 18 (HBI, USA, 2003), Global Corporate Identity (HBI, USA, 2003), the 2002 PRINT Regional Design Annual , Logo Design for Small Business 2 (Signcraft, USA, 2004), Graphis Logo 6 (Graphis, 2004), 100's Visual Logos and Letterheads (Angela Patchell Books, UK, 2008), The Best of Letterhead and Logo Design (Rockport Publishers, USA, 2010), LogoLounge: Master Library, Volume 2: 3000 Animal and Mythology Logos (Rockport Publishers, USA, 2010), and The Best of Letterhead and Logo Design (Paperback, Rockport Publishers, USA, 2012).

Pajama Parties
Client: Pajama Parties
Location: Warrington, PA USA

Pajama Parties presents in-home adult party programs for women - featuring luxurious lotions, massage oils & gels, sensual bedroom accessories, lingerie and educational books.

City Laundry Northwest
Client: City Laundry Northwest
Location: Portland, OR USA

This identity for a laundromat and dry cleaners appears in the books Letterhead and Logo Design 4, Bullet-Proof Logos and The Best of Letterhead and Logo Design. Everyone referred to the business as the place with the dancing washer and dryer.

Harrison Flowers
Client: Harrison Flowers
Location: Hood River, OR USA

The logo for a flower grower who supplies local florists. The identity, which captured the playful personality of the owner, is featured in the books New Logo World (Japan) and Logos From North to South America (Spain).

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