Interviews with Jeff Fisher

In recent years there have been a number of interviews posted online with Jeff Fisher, the Engineer of Creative Identity for Jeff Fisher LogoMotives:

All Aboard the Paper Train, with Tad Dobbs of Creative Squall, The Squall Line (September 2010)

Talk Story with Jeni: Live at the 2010 HOW Design Conference in Denver - with Steve Gordon, Jr., Bryn Mooth and Jeff Fisher, with Jeni Herberger, (June 2010)

Face to Face with Jeff Fisher, with Otba Mushaweh, Logo Talks (March 2010)

Talk Story with Jeni - and Jeff Fisher, with Jeni Herberger, (February 2010)

Braintalk with Jeff Fisher, Sharebrain, by Thomas Ulbricht (October 2009)

Interview Series: Jeff Fisher on Success And Freelancing, Freelance Show, by Neil Brown (October 2009)

Interview with Jeff Fisher LogoMotives' Jeff Fisher, PsPrint Design and Printing Blog, by Brian Morris (September 2009)

Escape from Illustration Island Podcast 5 - Social Networking with Jeff Fisher, by Thomas James (September 2009)

Jeff Fisher LogoMotives: Toot! Toot! - Part 2, Neenah Paper: Against the Grain, by Matt Porter (September 2009)

Jeff Fisher LogoMotives: Toot! Toot! - Part 1, Neenah Paper: Against the Grain, by Matt Porter (August 2009)

Designers' Couch: Interview with Jeff Fisher, by James Costa (July 2009)

The Reflex Blue Show: Jeff Fisher Does the LOGO-MOTION, The Reflex Blue Show with Donovan Beery and Nate Voss (May 2009)

'Make it Big' by Blogging an Interview with Jeff Fisher and Sheri L Koetting, The Creative Group e-Zine (May 2009)

People to Watch in 2009, Graphic Design USA - GDUSA (January 2009)

Inside Digital Design Radio: Brands, Logos & Identity Crisis, with Scott Sheppard and Gene Gable (September 2008)

DesignHide: Designer Spotlight - Jeff Fisher LogoMotives (July 2008)

Just Creative: Logo Design Tips & A Not-So-Ordinary Interview with Logo Designer Jeff Fisher, by Jacob Cass (May 2008)

Savvy Marketing Secrets: Home Business by Design, by Marcia Ming (January 2008)

Audio Interview: Jeff Fisher of LogoMotives, by Doug Farrick; (2008)

TCG eZine: A New Brand for the New Year (January 2008)

FreelanceSwitch: Veteran Designer Embraces Identity Crisis and Casual Fridays, by Kristen Fischer (December 2007)

Creative Experts Audio Interviews: Jeff Fisher, by Doug Farrick; The Designer's Inner Circle (December 2007) - transcript posted on

Startup Nation Podcast: Marketing Through Blogs and Forums, with Joel Welsh (November 2006)

Area of Design: In The Spotlight - An Interview With Jeff Fisher (April 2005)

Creative Latitude: Cat's Fancy - Designers Who Blog, by Cat Morley

TCG EZine: Creating a Buzz-worthy Career (August 2005)

Creative Latitude: Chugging down the tracks to Successville -Jeff Fisher LogoMotives, by Neil Tortorella (August 2003)

TCG eZine: Mastering Self-Promotion - Jeff Fisher Tells You How to "Toot-Toot" Your Own Horn (November 2003)

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