2009 Articles about Jeff Fisher LogoMotives

Articles, mentions of Jeff Fisher and sightings of Jeff Fisher LogoMotives designs online and in print:

Top 10 PsPrint Blogs of 2009, PsPrint (December 2009)

A new review of my first book, The Savvy Designer's Guide to Success, Design\, by Kitty Florido (December 2009)

10 simple, yet effective logos , Wildfire Marketing Group, by Jeremy Knauff (December 2009)

25 Naughty Logo Designs – Don’t miss the fun!, Graphic Design Blog, (December 2009)

40 Logo Designs with negative beauty - An interesting trick , Logo Design Blog, (December 2009)

Creative Medical Logos - 22 Logos to inspire , Corporate Logo Design Blog, (November 2009)

How to Network On-line for Your Next Big Project , Method to the Mayhem, by Calvin Lee (November 2009)

10 Inspirational Interviews for Designers, Powerusers, by Nikhil Misal (November 2009)

Gardens and Their Designers, Design Observer, by Timothy Jack Ward (October 2009)

Braintalk with Jeff Fisher, Sharebrain, by Thomas Ulbricht (October 2009)

Interview Series: Jeff Fisher on success and freelancing , Freelance Show, by Neil Brown (October 2009)

Self-Promotion the Social Way, HOW Magazine, by Jeff Fisher (October 2009)

Sidebar: 8 tips and tricks for professional and effective 'Self-Promotion the Social Way', HOW Magazine, by Jeff Fisher (October 2009)

Best Logo Designs Created by You - Part 1 , ImJustCreative, by Graham Smith (October 2009)

How Do Creative People Use Twitter? , Fresh Asylum, by Aliyah Marr (September 2009)

Interview with Jeff Fisher LogoMotives' Jeff Fisher , PsPrint, by Brian Morris (September 2009)

Episode 5 – Social Networking with Jeff Fisher , Escape from Illustration Island, by Thomas James (September 2009)

Designing A Church Logo? Some Things to Remember , eGrace Creative, by Brandon Cox (September 2009)

Jeff Fisher of Logomotives: Toot! Toot!, Against The Grain/Neenah Paper, by Julie Sims (September 2009)

Freelancing Finesse, Creative Freelance Conference, by Julie Sims (August 2009)

"Experience Matters", YouYube video, by Summit International Awards (August 2009)

A Study in Black and White Logos: Designer Jeff Fisher shares some of his past mono-color logo work, CreativePro.com (August 2009)

Quickies: 10 Readable Branding Books, Fuel Your Branding, by Beth LaPierre (August 2009)

40 Weird and Playful logos – A Double treat! , Graphic Design Blog, by Charles B. Johnson (August 2009)

Career: Office Anthropologist, HOW Magazine, by Julie Sims (August 2009)

Five Logo Design Heroes, eGrace Creative, by Brandon Cox (July 2009)

Designers' Couch: Interview with Jeff Fisher, by James Costa (July 2009)

38 Business Cards of Top Graphic Designers – The inspiring creative gurus, GraphicDesignBlog.org, by Charlie B. Johnson (July 2009)

Crazy Train, Toots Style: Local Design Savant Turned Clown Has the Last Laugh, Just Out, by Ryan J. Prado (May 2009)

Thoughts on Design: Back where it all started, CobaltCow Brand Development, by Nathan Sarlow (May 2009)

NO!SPEC • CreativePro: Spec Work and Crowdsourcing, NO!SPEC, by Catherine Wentworth (May 2009)

Business Card Design: Better Than A Plain Ol’ Business Card, Smashing Magazine, by Kat Neville (May 2009)

Creating Images From Text, Famous Logos, by Roberta Seldon (May 2009)

Care And Feeding Of In-House Designers, HOW Blog, by Megan Patrick (May 2009)

'Make it Big' by Blogging an interview with Jeff Fisher and Sheri L Koetting, The Creative Group e-Zine (May 2009)

85+ of the Best Twitterers Designers Should Follow, Mashable, by Cameron Chapman (May 2009)

Thought Leader Thursday: Jeff Fisher LogoMotives, Wildfire Marketing Group (April 2009)

10 Creative Minds of the Design Industry, Powerusers, by Nikhil K. Misal (April 2009)

Spec Work and Crowdsourcing: Gambles that Don't Pay Off, CreativePro.com, by Pamela Pfiffner (April 2009)

The Upside of Working for Free, FreelanceSwitch.com, by Martha Retallick (March 2009)

Using Twitter to Promote Your Book, FreelanceSwitch.com, by Kristen Fischer (March 2009)

10 Great Logo Design, Branding and Identity Books, Logo Critiques, by Erik Peterson (March 2009)

30 Beautiful Logos, Abduzeedo/Abducted By Design, by Fabio Sasso (March 2009)

Making Public Speaking Fun, Communication Steroids, by Tim "Gonzo" Gordon (February 2009)

People to Watch in 2009, Graphic Design USA (January 2009)

Five Great - and necessary - Marketing Makeovers, Entrepreneur Magazine, by Gwen Moran (January 2009)

30 Must-Have Logo Books, You The Designer, (January 2009)

Jeff Fisher - Public Portrait | MonoExpression, MonoExpression (January 2009)

Over 50 Ways Designers Promote & Brand Themselves, I'm Just Creative, by Graham Smith (January 2009)

20 Weird Logos That Work (and Why They Do), VECTORTUTS, by Chris Spooner (January 2009)