Anniversary Logos

(Clockwise from upper left)

Just Out 25th Anniversary
Client: Just Out Newsmagazine
Location: Portland, OR USA

In celebrating a quarter of a century, editor and publisher Marty Davis requested an adaptation of the Just Out logo to represent this newsmagazine for Oregon's gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered communities.

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W.C. Winks Hardware 100th Anniversary
Client: W.C. Winks Hardware
Location: Portland, OR USA

The earlier Jeff Fisher LogoMotives design of an identity for W.C. Winks became the centerpiece of the design that will represent the retail hardware store's first 100 years.

Moore Street Temple Corps 75th Anniversary
Client: The Salvation Army/Moore Street Corps Community Center
Location: Portland, OR USA

A recognizable musical instrument, with diamond adornments, represents the 75th anniversary of a Portland, OR Salvation Army Center.

triangle productions! 14 Years of Tears and Cheers
Client: triangle productions!
Location: Portland, OR USA

Stylized images of the traditional drama and comedy masks make an appearance in this anniversary logo for a theatre company The logois featured in the book 100's Visual Logos and Letterheads.

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