2003 Articles about Jeff Fisher LogoMotives

Mastering Self-Promotion: Jeff Fisher Tells You How to "Toot-Toot" Your Own Horn, TCG eZine, (November 2003)

Client Gift-Giving: The Good and the Gaffes,TCG eZine, (November 2003)

Chugging down the tracks to Successville, CreativeLatitude.com, by Neil Tortorella (Featured Profile: August 2003)

Design Education: Maximizing Mentoring, HOW Magazine, by Samantha Chapnick (August 2003)

Creativity Eureka!: Graphically Speaking, HOW Magazine, by Lisa Buchanan (August 2003)

VIP - Independence and the Virtual Professional, SOHO It Goes Newsletter, by Eileen Parzek (July 2003)

Business Talk: Freelancing Finesse, HOW Magazine, by The Creative Group (April 2003)

Type A, HOW Magazine, by Megan Lane (February 2003)