Non-Profit Logos

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Client: George Fox University
Location: Newberg, OR USA

The Tilikum identity is a re-design of an existing image representing the retreat center for George Fox University. The logo appears in The Big Book of Logos 5 and 100's Visual Logos and Letterheads.

Read more about the Tilikum identity redesign effort on bLog-oMotives.

Our House of Portland
Client: Our House of Portland
Location: Portland, OR USA

Our House of Portland, a residential care facility for people with AIDS, had been represented with the same dated identity for years. In re-designing the image, some reference to the old logo needed to be retained. The new icon was determined by the roofline of the new structure. The type used in the logo was predetermined by its use on all structural signage. The design appears in The Big Book of Logos 5 (Harper Design, USA, 2007), 100's Visual Logos & Letterheads (Angela Patchell Books, UK, 2008]) and The Big Book of Logos 5 (Paperback, Harper Design, USA, 2012). It was also honored with a 2007 American Graphic Design Award.

Fleuron of Hope icon
Client: Font AID III
Location: Prague, Czech Republic

This icon was my contribution to the Fluerons of Hope font which was a project of Font Aid III. The font is available at As a result it also appears in the publication Building Letters Three: Tsunami Edition. The logo is also featured in the Big Book of Logos 5.

Eugene University Music Association
Client: Eugene University Music Association
Location: Eugene, OR USA

One of my earliest professional logo design projects - designed pre-computer, in about 1979 while I was a student, for the Eugene University Music Association. The image was created on illustration board with a rapidiograph pen.

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