Jeff Fisher LogoMotives identity designs included in 'Firsts|Favorites Logo Showcase No. 1'

Logo designs by Jeff Fisher, the Engineer of Creative Identity for the Portland-based firm Jeff Fisher LogoMotives, have been included in the blog entry "Firsts & Favorites Logo Showcase No. 1." Designer Scott Lewis invited a number of industry peers to submit their first professional logo design and the personal favorite creation from their own identity portfolio.

Fisher's first professional logo effort was executed, as a student in 1978, for the Chinese Student Association at the University of Oregon (above left). The dragon-inspired image was created using the design tools of the time; India ink, ruling pens, Speedball pens, and art brushes on illustration board.

Produced 31 years later, directly at a computer, the designer's current favorite identity is that for the Stumptown Clowns troupe (above right). As his alter-ego Toots Caboose, Jeff Fisher is a member of the entertainment organization.

More information about Jeff Fisher, and his design work, may be found on the Jeff Fisher LogoMotives blogfolio.

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