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Chinese Student Association
Client: Chinese Student Association - University of Oregon
Location: Eugene, OR USA

One of my earliest professional logo designs, created in 1978 while I was in college, with a Chinese dragon image conveying the letterforms C, S and A. The image has experienced world-wide exposure in the book LogoLounge: Master Library, Volume 2: 3000 Animal and Mythology Logos (Rockport Publishers, USA, 2010).

Cat Adoption Team
Client: Cat Adoption Team
Location: Sherwood, OR USA

A pro-bono design concept for the non-profit Cat Adoption Team. The acronym C.A.T. formed the shape of a cat in one of those "aha" design moments. the design has experienced world-wide exposure in the books Killed Ideas, Vol. 1 (Blurb, USA, 2009), Letterhead & Logo Design 11 (Rockport Publishers, USA, 2009), American Graphic Design & Advertising 25 (Rockport Publishers, USA, 2009), Designing for the Greater Good (HarperCollins, USA, 2010), LogoLounge Master Library Vol. 2 (Rockport Publishers, USA, 2010), Logolicious (HarperCollins, USA, 2010), For a Good Cause (Index Book, Spain, 2010), Logo Design Vol. 3 (Taschen, Germany, 2011), 2011 Artist's and Graphic Designer's Market (Writers Digest Books, USA, 2010), I Heart Logos, Season One (, USA, 2011), Logo Nest 02 (Logo Nest, 2012), Logo Book (Index Book, Spain, 2012), Letterhead & Logo Design 11 (Paper, Rockport Publishers, USA, 2012) and Logo 3 (Zeixs, Germany, 2013). The logo also appears in the textbook Perfect Match Art Primary 5, by Prisca Ko Hak Moi (Pearson Education South Asia and Ministry of Education Singapore, Singapore, 2010). The design won a Silver Award in the 2008 Summit International Creative Awards. In 2011 the C.A.T. Logo received a Merit Award in the Hiiibrand Awards of China.

Benton County Historical Museum
Client: Benton County Historical Museum
Location: Philomath, OR USA

A design created in the early 1980's for a historical museum with a very recognizable cupola architectural detail. The logo somewhat mimics the shape of the historic Philomath College building.

Our House of Portland Partner Project
Client: Our House of Portland
Location: Portland, OR USA

This identity design, one of many created for the residential care facility for people with HIV/AIDS, represents a program of business sponsorships for the facility.

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