Identity Re-Design: Private Parties

Back in 1994, a friend working for the catering company Private Parties contacted me about redesigning the firm's identity. The formal image conveyed by the existing logo (below left) was not successfully conveying the more casual and fun event planning being done for clients. Still, the business did not want to completely lose the public's visual reference to what had become an established identity in the local market.

The catering firm did coordinate some formal events, so I suggested maintaining the general look of the previous tuxedo image while changing out the bow tie element for a customized necktie. For the pattern on the tie I created simplified graphics (below) of a variety of fruits and vegetables that might be items incorporated in the menu offerings of the caterer. At the time, the owner even considered having similar neckties made for the staff. Instead of having the tie hanging straight down on the front of the shirt graphic, I gave it a little implied movement to project that the Private Parties personnel never stood still.

All these years later, the company represented by the logo is no longer in business. However, I do think the before and after images are still good examples of a company not totally losing an established business identity when updating the company logo.

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