Excavated Design Artifact #20

The design studio housecleaning continues...and I have another excavated artifact to share.

Early in the summer of 1989 I was contacted by Cascade AIDS Project (CAP) to create a logo for "From All Walks of Life," the third annual AIDS pledge walk to benefit AIDS care and education in Portland, OR. In my first doodle (below left), done in red ink pen for some unknown reason, I envisioned a variety of oversized shoes containing some of the recognizable buildings in downtown Portland.

That original concept then evolved into an illustration executed with a rapidiograph pen, making use of some polka dot Zipatone film pattern and Liquid Paper for a little cleanup (above middle). A cowboy boot - with a stitched rose, a ruby red high heel, a oxford brogue, a hiking boot, a high top tennis shoe and a ballet slipper were represented in the artwork. Within some of the shoes rested the now iconic Portland Building, the KOIN Center, what was then the First Interstate Building, and the US Bancorp Tower (also known a "Big Pink").

The rough logo design concept presented to CAP as a color copy (above right) showed the artwork, with a possible treatment indicated in color pencil, surrounded by the proposed placement of the needed text. The type seems somewhat poorly laid out, and difficult to read, in the pre-computer transfer lettering font Latino.

The final design (above) made use of another font in an arch-like treatment, with the tagline beneath the illustration. Reviewing the design now, the type treatment of the event name looks kind of clunky and awkward. It appears to be a bit 1980's-ish - which it is...

Note: The Cascade AIDS Project is still an active organization today. In fact, the 22nd annual AIDS Walk Portland will be held Sunday, October 12, 2008.

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