Marketing logo design efforts with online resources

At speaking engagements, while participating in online forums, and via email I am always being asked for suggestions on how to market identity design services online. I've covered a variety of methods I use in a previous bLog-oMotives entry. In this post I am specifically addressing online resources I have used to give exposure to my own logo design efforts. Each of the Internet portfolio, or gallery, options has resulted in potential logo design clients coming my way.

Logopond: My favorite web presence for showcasing, and viewing, logo design work is Logopond. Access to the site is free, as is participation. Participant contributions and advertising support the site. Design professionals and students can establish a profile, create a portfolio of work, comment on the work of others, participate in a site forum and more. Those seeking logo designers are free to peruse the site for potential designers. In addition, the first Logopond Awards competition is currently being conducted. A "sister" site has recently been launched to feature the work of illustrators.

LogoLounge: Many in the design industry are probably familiar with LogoLounge due to the four books being marketed under the same name (Volumes 1- 4). This membership-based site allows identity designers the opportunity to upload a portfolio of images that, for the $100 annual fee, are then also considered for upcoming volumes in the book series. Some identity-related content is available to anyone visiting the site. However, membership does have its privileges. Submissions are regularly considered for the next volume in the LogoLounge book series.

Veer Ideas: Veer Ideas is a place to share and explore ideas, from tiny sparks to big concepts, from workday challenges to world-changing what-ifs. In this website section, online type and image resource Veer allows designers and artists to post portfolios of work.

The Identity Archives Project: The IADP is an interesting project that has the potential to be a great resource with additional participation from the design community. It is another free logo-specific resource that provides an searchable archive of identity designs uploaded by designers. I have only posted a few images myself. However, a client did find me through the site last year.

designerID: Social networking comes to the design community with the designerID site. Design professionals may create an online portfolio, post a detailed online profile, submit news, and connect with others in the industry on this advertising-supported website. The resource is not identity design specific.

design:related: This site is another making use of a social networking model. With registration, designers may create a profile, publish a portfolio of work, connect with other creative types, indicate inspirations, post news and more.

Facebook: My Facebook profile and photo galleries have been an excellent method of showcasing my identity design work. The exposure has even been greater since participating in Facebook groups related to logo design. An international community of identity designers has been established.

Facebook Fan Page: In addition to the creation of an individual Facebook profile the web presence allows for any business entity or organization to establish a commercial presence with a Facebook Page. A portfolio of work may be established in the "Photos" section.

flickr: The flickr site isn't just for photo images. The creation of a set of my logo design images brought my work to the attention of numerous potential clients. Portfolios have been in place, in a wide variety of categories, for quite some time on My logo design portfolio has been a valuable marketing resource for several years now.

DesignHide: My DesignHide profile is the newest addition to my online marketing. The site, still in beta, defines itself as the "place for creative media producers, including web designers, graphic artists, videographers, print media producers, photographers, artists, and ad managers, to display their work with the end goal of attracting new business opportunities. We want to put the best creative professionals in touch with those seeking the best."

Coroflot: Coroflot is really the only more traditional online portfolio site on which I have identity design work posted. The website offers a job board and industry-related blog in addition to portfolios.

There are many other online resources for posting and promoting one's design work. As mentioned earlier in this piece, those listed above are just the online options I am currently using to give my own identity design work an international presence beyond my website, blogs, and books and magazines in which my work may appear.

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