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TCG eZine publishes Jeff Fisher interview

The latest edition of the TCG eZine features the article A New Brand for the New Year - an interview with Jeff Fisher, the Engineer of Creative Identity for the Portland-based design firm Jeff Fisher LogoMotives. The author of Identity Crisis! 50 Redesigns That Transformed Stale Identities Into Successful Brands discusses aspects of the new book, as well as strategies for adding impact to a professional designer's own brand image.

The TCG feature notes: "In his second book, Identity Crisis!: 50 Redesigns That Transformed Stale Identities Into Successful Brands, Fisher takes a fresh look at before-and-after case studies of businesses that refined their images. In doing so, he explores the process of redesigning existing identities to help organizations better communicate with customers and find success. We recently caught up with Fisher to discuss how creative professionals can apply the concepts he discusses to advance their careers, and how social media and "blogfolios" can be used to fortify brand image and drive business."

The eZine is the online magazine of The Creative Group, a highly specialized staffing company focusing on the placement of freelance professionals in the creative, advertising, marketing, web and public relations fields.

Jeff Fisher has received nearly 575 regional, national and international graphic design awards for his logo and corporate identity efforts. His work is featured in nearly 100 books on the design of logos, the business of graphic design, and small business marketing.

Fisher is a member of the HOW Magazine Editorial Advisory Board, the HOW Design Conference Advisory Council and the UCDA Designer Magazine Editorial Advisory Board. His new book, Identity Crisis!, was recently released by HOW Books. His first volume, The Savvy Designer’s Guide to Success, appeared on bookstore shelves in late 2004.

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